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The Twilight Drinking Game:

Drink 40 shots after you press play so you can die before the movie starts.
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Not only is the White House against SOPA and PIPA, the author and primary pusher of SOPA, Rep. Lamar Smith, got caught stealing copyrighted work.

Full story here. http://www.dailytech.com/Obama+Admin+Declares+War+on+SOPA+SOPA+Author+Caught+Stealing+Work/article23783.htm

"It was found that the office of Rep. Smith had illegally used a photograph from artist DJ Schulte as a background, without proper citation (and hence without permission)."
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"Commas are important. For example, "Time to take a poop, shower, and start the day.", could be "Time to take a poop shower and start the day."
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"Protesting members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church were met with an unlikely group of counter-protesters Monday at Arlington Cemetery. - Among those counter-protesting at the cemetery's main entrance: About 10 members of a group that claims to be a branch of the Ku Klux Klan from Virginia called the Knights of the Southern Cross. They were cordoned off separately in a nearby area, but drew little attention as they gave out small American flags behind a banner that read "POW-MIA."
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I was wondering what if there's a typo in that and instead of the Rapture it's the Rupture? Hope their plumbing's up to the task.
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In Arizona, lawmakers have approved a bill that makes protesting at funerals illegal.


"PHOENIX (AP) -- The Arizona Legislature has approved emergency legislation to head off picketing by a Topeka, Kan., church at the funeral service for a 9-year-old girl who was killed during Saturday's shooting in Tucson."

Up YOURS Phelpsie and your pack of sociopathic whackos!
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He officially has no pulse.


"He really doesn't have a pulse, but he has blood pressure because blood is being pumped out from his ventricle into the aorta at a constant pressure," explains Dr. Kirk Garratt, clinical director of interventional cardiovascular research at Lenox Hill Hospital."
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If anyone has seen the AMEX commercial for their Plum card, the business they show as the example is Coit Cleaners.

Now I can understand it being a family name and all, but who else thinks they hope that company doesn't go nationwide with the name Coit US?
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They're advertising the Shake Weight https://shakeweight.com/flare/next for men now.

Like most of us don't get enough practice doing that as is?
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I still want to do my version of a Volkswagen arm-punch commercial where a full tour bus drives by a VW dealership and the bus erupts in a bar room brawl.


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