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I thought you were smarter than that. Oh wait, no I didn't. You dunderheads wouldn't know you farted if you didn't feel your ass-cheeks vibrate.

Senator Dodd, thou hast the brains of a pissant, milord. Though I can believe it, what with some of the stuff like the one committeeperson who apparently believes that the island of Guam is actually floating and could capsize if too much stuff were put on one side.

What I'm getting at is this royal attempt at displaying the sheer ignorance of those who have no business being in the positions of power they're in. Namely this:


"some technology business interests are resorting to stunts that punish their users or turn them into their corporate pawns" Ex-fucking-scuse me?! What the hell is the MPAA doing? Exactly that, wanting everyone to be corporate pawns, you're all just pissed because they won't be YOUR corporate pawns who have to shove money into your pockets just for the "priviledge" of breathing or daring to look at something.

"It is also an abuse of power given the freedoms these companies enjoy in the marketplace today." Like what the big business backers Dodd and the MPAA have in their pockets are trying to do right now? Mr. Kettle, there's a Mr. Pot on line 1 for you.

"intentionally skew the facts to incite their users in order to further their corporate interests." Which is exactly what the MPAA and other corporate intrests backing PIPA and SOPA are doing!

"It is our hope that the White House and the Congress will call on those who intend to stage this “blackout” to stop the hyperbole and PR stunts and engage in meaningful efforts to combat piracy.” And it is our hope that the lot of you will take off your greed hats and put on your common sense hats, that is if you haven't lost them already, and see that what you're doing will be what kills your industries, not what you're professing to be protecting against. Because if you want to get technical, YOU'RE supporting piracy by putting your stuff out in the first place. Point is, if people want it, especially the really hard to find stuff, and you're refusing to let them at it all the while dangling it like a carrot in front of their noses, don't be surprised when the rabbit bites you or just wanders off, leaving you with nothing either way.

If you do manage by some wild chance in hell to actually push them through, PIPA and SOPA will come back to bite the lot of you in the ass big time. Don't think it won't because it will. People just won't buy your crap, won't go to movies, buy DVDs, or stream any of it. They won't watch TV which would put the squeeze on advertisers, then where will you be? Out of a white-collar job completely just because your greed got the better of you.

Nuff said. Peace out.
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A friend directed me to this: http://wikibin.org/articles/cullenism.html

"Cullenism is a religion based on the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. This series, which consists of four books, follows the adventures of The Cullen family and several other characters including Bella Swan. The Cullen family are a group of extremely attractive vampires and the film adaption of Twilight turned the series into reality for many fans. One of the two main characters of the story, Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattison in the film) captured many girls hearts from the moment the film hit the big screen. Not that girls weren't already in love with Edward from the books, but the film appears to have taken the attraction to the next level. The Cullenism religion is the belief that the books are so good that the Cullen family deserve to be worshipped and the books treated like a bible. A member of the Cullenism religion is known as a Cullenist."

It almost leaves me with no words though I kind of expected such a thing to develop.

People, it's a work of FICTION! Same as Dianetics! Harry Potter! Avatar! It's make believe! NOT REAL! If Edward is real then so is Blade and he's coming for your big-haired douchebag Count Emo Von Disco Ball. If everything they're saying is real then Severus Snape followed in Dumbledore's footsteps and is secretly gay, and he eloped with Edward. It's true! It MUST be true since they DO exist right? Right?

Things like this only affirm my own leanings towards atheism. Honestly if one looks at the Bible from a standpoint of pure logic, it's a few historical events wrapped up in several layers of fiction. I could probably do similar by combining world history with The Hobbit and the Narnia Chronicles.

My point is simple. A lot of people out there would tell me about my beliefs,"Just because you say something doesn't exist doesn't mean that it actually doesn't!" Well by the same token, just because you say something does exist doesn't mean that it actually does. Get the complete set of facts before you start professing. If you're daft enough to believe a work of complete fiction, and a rather crappy one at that like Twilight, then I'd love to know what you're doing out without a handler. Time to go up your Haldol dosages not by milligrams but by factors.
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The whole Teabagger movement is further proof to the statement I heard a while back. "The Democrats have moved to the right while the Republicans have moved into the psych ward."

I know I need to keep up on the news more, but lately hearing about the crap they're spouting just tends to honk me off to the point that let's just say my blood pressure doesn't need it.


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